Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fin Soup nope shrimp Soup okay!

Assalamualaikum wbt

Ada ke patut nak order Fin Soup aku gi ordernye Shrimp Soup.
Memang patutlah akak tu garu kepala tertanya2.Ade ke menu Shrimp soup ni?haha...
Itulah alkisahnye mengenai insiden confident yang terlebih kan.
So pada korang yang nak order tu sila lah membaca menu okay!
One week before Ramadhan last year ago,
Huh tak ke berjaman citer ni.wahaha..(sgt tak cool)
So,I went off to have lunch at Mohd Chan Restaurant.Wahaha...sesat dehh...Well on that time I'm still new with Shah Alam my GPS not functioning well.Al-maklum la I'm hungry on that time.So everything can be possible.haha..semua tak function,lapar punya pasal.*alasan!
After we had a long jorney pusing punya pusing roundabout around Shah Alam.Finally,I met one there.

          This restaurant are located at Seksyen 15,
if I'm not mistaken.
Perghhh...ramai giler orang kot lunch kat sini..
ohh..lupa nak inform
I went there with my friend Ira
Culik dia time lunch hour.

Back pasal tadi,mana tak ramai..
It just located nearby with factory and office.
So that's why lah berderet orang duk nak makan.
Lunch hour pulak tu..
Memang semua orang duk cari makanan
I got my own Nasi Ayam for my lunch.
This is because of this advert.
Dont you think it looks yummy?
oh la la...
So I decided to order this
The chicken cook well with those soy sauce
Serious sodap
And this is my drink
Jus kedondong with Asam Boi
Now it's my favourite <3 ;D
At last there you are Fin Soup aka Sup Ikan Yu
Tetibe malu  pulek duk kenang Shrimp Soup
nehhh...sangat confident okay!
 Fin Soup ni taste a little bit salty
Entah..maybe rasa dia macam tu kot
It looks like suun but then it taste lagi halus lah

Alright,for your information
Restaurant ni halal toyyiba
It actually Chinese Muslim cuisine
If anyone out there yang tak suka sangat makan makanan pedas
I recommend you to be here
You may enjoy your lunch and dinner
So what are you waiting for?
Come lets have your lunch here

I guarantee you
You will like it so much

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