Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wonder to say goodbye youls

Its finally in New Year.Oh yaa when it comes about New Year everyone was racing each other to get their new wishes.Its just same goes to me before the early year.haha..Helloo...the New Year just passed away.Yeah,I'm really late now to wish you all ,"HappyNewYear".By the way,besides the happiness to be in a new year it also descibing my oldie day.Yaa..I'm become more older now.I'm officially 22 years old.It double up my 11 years.hmm...Why I need to be sad?

First,I will might have a wrinkles when I'm old..
Nehhh..secepat begitu.What science do you used honey?
I'm traumatic but I need to faced it

Second,I'm sad because my last plan are not fullfill at my last year
It really hurt me so much
Where is my L size?

Thirdly,in a new year I'm busy with my final examanization
I hate to be busy because I will forgot that I'm actually in a new year
I can't noted what actually comes around
Oh..ya now I know that Agong had been changed to the new one
So bye bye Tuanku Terengganu and hello Kedah ;)
Seriously,I'm too late to known about it

Forthly,I'm scared with the new changes
New friend new environment
Apparently,now I'm at the new branch.
I miss my friend.Although they betray me what the hek youls
They coolllll...*pelik kan?haha..
Do I care..I miss those miserable around us.

Fifth,I'm started to talks about the future
In a relationship,engaged,married and so whatever
Work employer salary asset and other stuff
Then its not in this year yah
Hurmm...but I'm still thinking
Who will be with me?

Thats all from me my new entry for 2012.
Hi hi hi 2012
Bye bye 2011

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