Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Broccoli,lobster and them.Yummy

Assalamualaikum wbt.
Allohaa...Haihh,its quite long time that I leave this blog,right?So now I would like to active back all the stories..Rasa habuk sana sini sudah.Kena vacuum balik ni.hehe..However it is the main thing cite pasal makan tetap ada.Hari hari jalan jalan cari makan.And I think rather I talks about food and travel.That was my expert.Because on the same time,I'll might share some information about the restaurant in and out Malaysia.You all want to know more detail right?So here you are..This all opinion and comments was mine.So if you  have any objection you may share it out.I don't mind with it.Every people in this world have their own taste.So it same goes to me,its just my personal comment.Bukannye sesi caci mencaci makanan sesuka hati okay.Takde niat pon nak jatuhkan bisnes orang.

Back to it,I would like to share to you about the food that its at one of my fav restaurant at Subang Parade.At the end of semester last month ago,I went off to gather with my buddies to having our dinner at the Fish Manhanttan.

Ulala...Its taste good enough.Chilling all around with them was like a freedom for me.I miss Kedah when I met them.Oh yeah..its remind me to our past moment.What to special on that night was that one of my friend decided to treat we all with the lobster.Alahai untungnyaa on that time.This was my history day ever.First time makan Lobster kot..Btw,thanks Arep.Mana taknye..on that time "Lobster Platter" tu sampai perghh...I was craving and almost nak meleleh tengok lobster tu..Lagi2 when the waitress siap flaming all around the lobster .Nyum...hehe..But then on the same time,I was keep guessing apalah rasanya kan.Mesti sedap giler ni.Tengok pon dah sedap kan.

I told you maa..Its look craving kan.

Tadaaa...There you are one set of Lobster with prawn,mussels and squid.

Okay inilah those datin's and dato yang hang out on that day.
Yang paling penting thanks yer Dato' cox treat we all.hehe..
Although,lobster jer.Oh yeah...kenyang giler

*Kejap datin feediana apa yang kamu sedang lakukan?
Itukan tandanya terima kasih?hehe

And this one was mine.
"Grilled Platter"..
Takde flaming2 biasa jer.Although the price was same.
Okaylah I think that's all for now.Hope so youls enjoy with those pictures.I'm getting hungry again updating this entry.Overall about this FishManhattan .Service soo good! Everything serve on time.It suit with the price and 5 smiles for you. That's what I like it.

So how about you?
Haiyaa(in arabic "Lets go!")
ngee =_=''

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