Sunday, January 27, 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt

Hollaa people. It's been quite a long time, I'm not posting any food entry. Oh yeap, last year was my least entry ever. I'm such a lazy writers. Ya daa ya daa.. However,I got a reason of it. Cliche answer,"I have no time, and I'm student!" work at all. Whatever the main reason is where I'm such a LAZYYYYYYY BUMMM.. *ye saya tahu tu

Actually,last year tahun paling busy the busy body me. Assignment events test quiz lecture melepak. On the same time,I'm not even missed out entering and tasting variety restaurant out there. Just no time no idea no no and no inspiration to wrote it all.So now,lets start it back.

Here you are some delicious food from De Palma Bistro at SACC Mall ,Shah Alam.

 Mee Mak eh Mamak
 *most recommended

Banana Split

Location is just nearby Quality Hotel,PKNS and Alam Sentral. Overall,makanan kat sini sedap.Lagi lagi makanan tradisional.Ingredient tak kedekut cukup rasa etc. And the price is reasonable.Most recommended to people yang tengah cari masakan tradisional yang oriiiii...So,what are you waiting for?



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