Thursday, July 14, 2011

I-Kea Malaysia

Assalamualaikum wbt

ARGHhhhh.........Tensionnn nye!

Although,I already back to my hometown
But I'm still headache to handle the plan that I dream before
What a day
Dah balik pon tension lagi

Mana taknye..Cube korang bayangkan..Bilik penuh dengan barang.
Actually,,I really want to transform my bedroom just like this
 Simple and tidy
Actually my bedroom giler banyak barang
Plus with a lots of furniture
Cuba korang bayangkan dalam satu bilik ade 4 almari.
Doesn't make you feel messy?
I need to DECO back my room
Ouhh...bedroom please be kind with me
And on the same time I wish that I can get a new bed
Just like this

Plus with it..

So to get it all of this type of furniture two months ago I went to the IKEA to find out a new furniture for my bedroom. Currently the furniture at the IKEA the price is reasonable together with the design and also the quality. But however it is I'm just went there not only survey about the prices but also the decoration of each room been decorate by IKEA.

Before  IN the section we decided to have our lunch at the food court. This is the first time I went there having a lunch together with my buddy. The food sells there taste quite delicious..especially the Meatballs and the price are reasonable.Al-maklum lah I ni student je.. Tapi bila balik rumah entah macam mana boleh terbaca pulak kat blog someone said that the food at the food court ade yang tak HALAL.

Ya,Allah..biar betul..Takkan lah foodcourt dia tak halal.Dengan tak puas hatinya,apalagi search lah lagi  information regarding the meatballs.

Then,terjumpe in one of the blog said ade sumber mengatakan actually meatballs tu halal and the supplier are Muslim.And on the same time den pernah jugak tanya one of family yang keje kat HALAL industry ni.Dia pon cakap the same thing that IKEA food are HALAL..
Fuhhh..lega mak.

Hmm...bila fikirkan balik kan takkan lahh orang Melayu nak jual daging ba alif ba ya kot…Ishhh..tapi pape pon masa dah tau daging tu tak halal terus rasa WAS WAS gila..

And by the way ,ni dia menu for our lunch on that day

Fish and Chip
Ordered by hahalahar

Meatballs and Chip
Ordered by me
But kongsi2 semua sekali lah
Eden yang duk suggest kat mamat tu.
Amik menu lain.
Nanti boleh rasa2.

After we finished up ate our lunch..
Then,we begin our survey in the IKEA
I love this light so much
Unfortunately,if I buy it..
Surely my mum will say
"You wasted your money"
I knew it,so that's why I'm not buying it.

I'm fed up with those comments
So then,on the same time survey lah jugak for my mum punya meja for her kitchen.
Especiallt for her bakery stuff.
Easy to be storage.

And I think thats all je kot..
Nehhh...what do I buy at the IKEA?
Just a pillow,blanket and kids stuff for my niece.
Itu je yang mampu.
Tunggu aku kaya..
"Bawak IBU datang.Confirm aku beli lebih sikit.hehe"
However,IKEA helps me a lots in having an idea for my bedroom.

Harap-harap berjalan lah idea deco.

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  1. penah gak g ikea memang best sgt2.hihi. masuk je dalam tu, rase macam nak trus transform rumah kiter jadi cm dlm tu. tapi apakan daya...transformers adela...beli perabot kat game the sims jer...hihi...