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How to make macaroon. :)

Assalamualaikum wbt

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii readers!
Apa khabar?
Sorry dah berkurun tak update.
Btw I got something to share to youls!
Last last cuti haritu..I duduk rumah je.So I buatlah  baking baking ni.Since cuti hari tu musim nak raya kan then I'm get involve in it helping Ibu done her cookies sekali. *budget seh
Haritu jugak saje je gatal nak try buat macaroon.Al maklum lah harga macaroon ni not bad expensive and plus supermanis.But for me I'm using less amount of sugar.

And on the same time although I heard that currently semua orang kata leceh lah buat macaroon ni.Itulah inilah...

Hurmmm...but whatever la.Tak try tak tau kan? ..

So basically adunan untuk buat macaroon ni it just look similar with pavlova.Just macaroon ni we need to add some serbuk almond.However what make it different is because we need to be careful with the temperature.Selalu tips yang I got from other baker dorang kata macaroon ni kalau boleh jangan buat time hujan.Sebab takut nanti macaroon ni tak jadi at all. Cuaca panas cuaca yang sesuai untuk buat macaroon ni. Urm really meh?

Okay so lets start with it,babeh!

Initially,sediakan bahan dulu yeww..

So first step  kite tapis dulu serbuk almond.Why? sebab texture almond ni kasar.We just want serbuk dia je.So we need to tapis okay!

Then next step amik putih telur putar dalam mesin.Yay another tips  from Ibu kalau dia kata white eggs only so its only white.If there have yolks egg quickly remove it.Coz in baking and cooking its totally different.Kalau masak lauk there still have egg yolks it still okay.If in baking lorgh confirm terbantut. Trust me! So sambil putar putih telur tu add in sugar

So whisk it until dia kembang and bila kita angkat it will form a stiff texture.Takmau penyek2 semua.If do so maybe there something wrong somewhere.

After that add in almond yang dah tapis tadi ke dalam adunan.Kacau hingga sebati.

Then,masukkan food colouring.For me I'm decided to divide it into four colours.I choose purple blue pink and green.So depends on youls.If u want to be plain I don't think so it such a good idea coz it will not attract ppl to eat it.If u dont have any idea.Just put on brown colour.Okay!

Masukkan adunan dalam piping bag.Potong hujung piping and form it into circle.If takut length macaroon tak sama.You may do so to make your own circle by drawing it at your baking paper.

After that tunggu macaroon becomes dry.It means if we touch  the macaroon its already dry and form a shell.And another tips that is we need to tap our baking tray after we piping it cox nak bagi udara masuk dalam macaroon.If I'm not mistaken.

So lastly masukkan aduanan ke dalam ketuhar.So there u are my first trial macaroon.Ada yang jadi and other half ada yang tak jadi.Well first try sehh..
Look colour different kan?
Well that green one I terbakar sikit..Leka borak.ehehe...

But I'm still not satisfied.Satu macaroon leper satu lagi kembung and cracks.Errr...but however I;m succeed to done it.Maybe I should try it next time again.InsyaAllah..

Ehhh its not done yet.Lastly,sapukan pulak any ganache di atas macaroon.For me jenis malas nak buat ganache sendiri I just put on nutella.Sorry picture are not available.Dah masuk perut dah.hee.. Ganache ni depends on you.Nak letak perasa apa..Letak jem strawberry pon boleh.

So thats all from me readers.Any additional tips you may share it here okay!


*pst I'm not professional just sharing my experience,ehek! Daa :P
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